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The Building Department is responsible for the review, inspection and permitting of new construction and/or alterations to any structures within the Town.

Construction Control Documents


Effective Immediately (June 18, 2013)

All applications for a building permit are required to be submitted in complete form including the following information:

  • Building Permit application filled out completely including contractor information (license/insurance information, etc.). All questions are required to be answered.
  • Buildings/Structures over 35,000 cubic feet are required to have original stamp and signature, along with affidavits filled out completely.
  • Plot/Site Plan showing location of proposed new building and/or addition.
  • Projects (other than single family dwellings) are required to have Planning Board approval (Site Plan/Special Permit approval). They also have the authority to issue fines on persons or properties violating the Town's General By-Laws, Zoning By-Laws and Building Code Regulations.

If you are planning any construction projects, please plan a minimum of two weeks for completion of your application; plan review and issuance of the building permit for most construction jobs.

We do ask you submit your complaints in writing.

Zoning Determination Letter Request Form


BBRS-Building Codes

International Code Council (ICC)

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