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Fall Yard Waste Collection 2023

Trash and Recycle Calendar

We are currently in the  2023 and 2024 Trash and Recycle Calendar.

2023 and 2024 Trash and Recycle Calendar

BBBS 3.29.22

Textile Pickup

Burlington is partnering with Big Brothers-Big Sisters to collect clothing, textiles, housewares, and more!

These collections divert clothing and housewares out of the landfill. When you donate, you are helping our Town and children across the state.

You can schedule your free home pickup by visiting the BBBS website or calling 508-466-4590.

Overflow Trash

If you find you have more trash than you are able to fit into your 65 gallon blue trash cart, there are two options available for residents:

Overflow Bags - Orange overflow bags are sold at Burlington grocery stores (Market Basket, Wegmans, and Shaws) and the DPW office.  They are sold as 5 bags for $10.  These bags should be left outside next to your blue trash cart on collection day.

Note: These bags are not intended to take the place of a second trash barrel. If you use overflow bags for an extended period of time, please contact the DPW about our second trash barrel program (see below).

Additional Trash Cart - Additional trash carts are $150.00 per year and are not prorated.  Residents are billed yearly in June for the July 1st through June 30th upcoming year.  Please fill out this application and mail it in with a check to the address listed. 

Trash and Recycling toters are the property of the Town of Burlington. Maintenance of the toters is the responsibility of the property owner. A dirty toter can easily by cleaned with a power washer or strong hose. 

Report damaged toters to the DPW at 781-270-1670. If you suspect your toter has been stolen, please obtain a police report before calling the DPW.

Yard Waste Schedule

Yard Waste runs in the Spring (6 weeks) and the Fall (7 weeks) every year. It also runs the last week of June, July, August, and September. Please refer to the 2022 and 2023 Trash and Recycle Calendar for more information.

Do Not Mix Waste

Yard waste is banned from the trash by State regulations. Do not put leaves or grass clippings in your trash! Please avoid raking or blowing leave or grass clippings into the street, storm drains, streams, or wetlands.

See the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Waste Ban Regulations page for more information.

Preparing Yard Waste for Pick-Up

Please have your yard waste to the curb by 7am on the Monday during each yard waste collection week. Republic Services will collect your yard waste by the end of the week.

Please call 781-270-1670 on Friday before noon if your yard waste is not collected to be added to the missed list.

Trash & Recycling

In the event of a holiday, your trash and recycle collection will be delayed one day and will be picked up on Friday. For more details, please refer to the Trash and Recycle calendar on the right.

Please call Republic Services at 800-442-9006 to schedule a bulk pick-up.


For a fee, Republic Services will also collect CRTs, TVs, and other small electronics.

Prohibited Items for Pick-Up

Toilets, sinks, and tubs are not allowed to be disposed of in Burlington.

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Not sure what to do with items that cannot be put in the trash or recycle?

Check out Recycle Smart's Beyond the Bin search engine!

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