Complaint Procedure

Official Complaint Form & Guidelines

The Burlington Police Department is a professional law enforcement agency. We require all of our employees to act in a professional manner, at all times, in order to promote a positive public image and serve the community in adherence with the highest ethical and professional standards.

If you are dissatisfied with the department or any of its employees, we welcome you to file a Complaint Form (PDF). We will look into the complaint and make every effort to correct any deficiencies identified through this information. Your complaint will be reviewed, and feedback on the complaint will be offered. Here is the procedure to file a complaint:

  1. Fill out the attached form to the best of your ability, including any and all information that can assist us in determining the basis of your complaint. Do not include only what you think may be important, but give a full account of the situation that caused you to file this complaint.
  2. The complaint can be mailed or brought to the station in hand. If you decide to bring the complaint in to the station, ask to speak with the Officer-in-Charge and give the complaint directly to him or her.
  3. Once the department receives the complaint you will receive verification that we have received it. All complainants will receive a copy of the complaint, with a log number recorded on it, as your verification of receipt of the complaint.
  4. The Burlington Police Department will also accept complaints by phone and mail; however, we would appreciate the complaint being written onto the form provided, and any additional information can be attached to the form.
  5. Your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for review. If the complaint is able to be handled by the employee's direct supervisor, it will be; and if the complaint can be resolved immediately the supervisor handling it will have you acknowledge your satisfaction in writing. If the complaint is of a more serious nature, the complaint will be referred to the department's internal affairs unit.
    1. Any complaint handled by the internal affairs unit will be processed according to current policy. The internal affairs investigator will contact you and will describe the process. Any complaint that is active after a 30-day period will result in a letter being sent to you to update you on the status of the complaint.
    2. Every person who has filed a complaint against the department or any employee shall be notified promptly as to the final results of the investigation, personally if possible or otherwise by mail.
  6. The department will accept anonymous complaints. We encourage any person making a complaint to do so without anonymity; but in any case, we encourage you to use the complaint form.