Handicapped Parking Ticket Appeal Process


The Handicap Appeal Package is for the $200 handicapped parking fine and should be printed, completed and sent with all supporting documents.

All attempts to settle handicapped parking issues are done through the mail by the registered owner of the ticketed vehicle.  Disputes must be sent within 21 consecutive days from date of ticket. The result of the decision will be sent to the supplied legible address. 

If you are contesting the ticket, it is your responsibility to prove your case.  

You must submit:


  1. Written explanation along with REQUIRED SIGNATURES OF:
    1. Owner of ticketed vehicle
    2. Owner of Placard holder 
  2. Copies of Driver’s License for owner of ticketed vehicle & placard  holder. (If no license copy of photo ID) 
  3. COPY OF Registration of owner of ticketed vehicle.
  4. COLOR COPY OF HP Placard with placard owner clearly identified (VALID AND NOT EXPIRED)
  5. Original ticket 


  • Lack of knowledge is not a reason to contest a ticket.
  • The ticketing officer will check for the expiration date on HP placards.  It is the driver of the vehicle's responsibility to ascertain the expiration date is in full view.  
  • Misuse of placard and/or providing false information is illegal and subject to fines and loss or suspension of license.
  • Expired placards are invalid and are to be destroyed when new placard is received.  It is illegal to have more than one permanent placard.  Using an expired placard is considered misuse and subject to fines.  
  • It is illegal to share HP placards. Destroy placards after owner is deceased.
  • It is illegal to possess a counterfeit placard or to alter a placard.
  • If you drop off and/or pick up owner of placard, do not use the placard.  
  • If the owner of placard is present but is not exiting the vehicle, do not use the placard to park in a space reserved for the handicapped.
  • If you drop off and pick up the owner of the placard, do not use the placard -owner of vehicle will be subject to one or more fines.
  • It is the driver's responsibility to properly display a current HP placard only when the owner of placard is present and exiting the vehicle.  
  • Park only in authorized areas.  
  • It is a violation to park in the crosshatch access isle adjacent to a handicapped parking space, even with a placard.
  • Without an HP placard, do not park for any length of time in a space reserved for the handicapped.  
  • If violation is dismissed, retain received correspondence.   Late fees are dismissed if the ticket is dismissed.  
  • If the written appeal request is received postmarked within the 21 consecutive days from the date of the violation and it requires further information from you then you will have 60 consecutive days from the date of “the needs more information appeal notice from the handicap parking adjudicating office” to produce such info. Failure to produce further info by the post marked no later than the date outlined on the notice will be automatic denial of appeal.
  •  If the parking violation stands, registered owner may be liable for late fees as dictated by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


If you disagree with any final decision from the town of Burlington Handicapped Parking Adjudicating Office, contact:

Superior Court for Middlesex County

200 Trade Center, Woburn, MA

781 939-2700

per MGL judicial review, Chapter 30A, Section 14

Handicapped Parking Adjudicating Office 

Burlington Police Department 

P.O.BOX 211A 

Burlington, Ma 01803

781 238-4601

Citation for Misuse

The $500 citation for misuse is not handled by the Town of Burlington. Follow the directions on the citation if you wish to appeal a citation for misuse.