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1. Why are we not getting all water from the MWRA?
2. Why wasn't this an issue until now?
3. What is the Town doing for a short-term solution?
4. What is the Town doing for a long-term solution?
5. Why are we building a filter facility at Mill Pond vs. a full MWRA connection?
6. What should I do as a resident?
7. What can I do if I am in a sensitive subgroup?
8. What is considered a sensitive subgroup?
9. How often do we sample for PFAS6?
10. How will residents be alerted to any changes related to PFAS?
11. Will boiling water for consumption improve the water quality?
12. Can I drink the water?
13. Why do we send the quarterly mailing with only 2 months of data?
14. Why do other Towns have three months of data?