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Septage/Grease Hauler Application

  1. Permit Application

    Septage/Grease Hauler

    Fee: $50.00

  2. Please list DBAs ("Doing Business As") Names
  3. Please list MA DEP authorized location(s) where septage/grease will be disposed
  4. Please include the following:
    • Copies of the contract(s) or approval(s) for use of disposal locations
    • $50 Application Payment
  5. You can pay this fee on our website through "Online Payments" or by check made out to "Town of Burlington" and mailed to: Burlington Board of Health 61 Center Street Burlington, MA 01803

  6. Certification*

    I certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate.  I recognize that it is a violation of the permit to dispose of septage or grease anywhere other than the identified disposal locations or others approved by the Board of Health in writing as an amendment to this permit.

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