MWRA & PFAS Projects

PFAS Project

Filter Facility at Mill Pond - TBC by February 2023

  • Intended to reduce the levels of PFAS6 in Town water to under 20PPT
  • Project construction began Spring 2022
  • Update 9/8/22:  Due to supply chain issues, the delivery of the filters is 2 months behind. We anticipate the pressure vessel filters to be operational by the end of February 2023
  • Update 1/10/23: Due to the rainfall that occurred between October and December, the estimated completion date is now early April 2023. The contractors will be working weekends to try to make up for lost time.
  • Update 4/28/23: The Town is waiting for final inspection and authorization from the State to start running the filters.

MWRA Project

MWRA Connection Phase 2 A - Project Awarded to GVC- TBC by Summer 2023

  • The MWRA will be completing the remaining extension from the Town of Lexington to the Town of Arlington
  • Contractor has began construction and the line is about 50% complete as of August 2022
  • Total MGD with phases 1 and 2A combined will be 3.5 MGD
  • Update 9/8/22: Two crews are currently working on this project and are on schedule for the planned completion date
  • Update 1/23/23: 1500ft of pipe remain for installation. Phase 2A should be completed by late spring, 2023, allowing for 3.5 MGD. Half of the pipe installation has been tested and is fully functional for distribution. 
  • Update 4/28/23: Phase 2A is now slated to be completed during the summer of 2023.

MWRA Capacity Evaluation of Phases 1 & 2A - TBC by December 2023

  • Connection Capacity to be evaluated to verify that we can safely abandon the Vine Brook Treatment Plant

Phase 2 B - TBC 2025

  • A pipe connection will be extended down Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington from Adams St to Mall Rd
  • MWRA will be establishing other pipe connections throughout the Town of Lexington to our new pipe on Lowell St.
  • Total MGD with entire project completed will be 6.5 MGD

Phase 1:

The project to connect Burlington's water supply to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has been completed. Phase 1 is designed to supply one million gallons (MGD) of water per day to the Town of Burlington via the Town of Lexington. These pictures (below) show the final connection of the MWRA Phase 1 project to Burlington's Water System.

Phase 2a:

The MWRA Phase 2 project, which will extend from Burlington to Arlington, began in April of 2022. As of August 2022, the line is about 50% complete. 

What does this mean for summer 2022?

Although the Town is connected to the MWRA, the current connection to the Town of Lexington’s water system is not large enough to allow for the elimination of all outdoor watering restrictions in the near future. In addition to Burlington’s water supply limitations, the Commonwealth is updating the mandated outdoor watering restrictions when a drought is declared (see "Current Water Ban" page).

Completed Projects

MWRA Connection Phase 1 - Completed December 2020

  • Established a pipe connection on Adams St through Lexington that can take up to 1 million gallons per day (MGD). The Town's current daily demand is 3 MGD. 
  • This connection has been running continuously since May 19, 2021, as required by DEP due to PFAS levels
  • On October 4th, 2021, Mike Kennealy, Secretary of Housing and Community Development, sent Burlington a letter announcing the award of a $1 Million grant for Phase 2A of the MWRA Project