FY21 Warrant Articles

Article Department Source Amount Backup
2. Omnibus Administration     Withdrawn
3. Transfer of Free Cash to Stabilization Administration     Withdrawn
4. Transfer of Free Cash to OPEB Administration     Withdrawn
5. Fund Revolving Accounts Administration Revolving   Revolving Funds Back Up
6. Operating Budget   Raise & Appropriate 148,317,413  
7. Fund FY 21 Capital         
7-1 9/11 Memorial Improvements Administration Free Cash 25,000 Postponed
7-2 Voting Equipment Clerk Free Cash 60,000 Postponed
7-3 Ballistic Vests and Carriers Police Free Cash 89,500 Vests and Carriers Back Up
7-4 Radio Box Receiving System Fire Free Cash 93,950 Postponed
7-5 Administrative Vehicle Fire Free Cash 32,000 Admin Vehicle Back Up
7-6 Parks and Outdoor Master Plan Recreation Free Cash 40,000 Postponed
7-7 ProCore Aerator Recreation Free Cash 26,000 ProCore Aerator Back Up
7-8 Wildwood Sunshade Recreation Free Cash 50,000 Postponed
7-9 Rahanis Tennis Court Resurfacing Recreation Free Cash 65,000 Rahanis Park Tennis Court Resurfacing Back Up
7-10 Drainage and Stream Cleaning DPW Free Cash 200,000 Drainage and Stream Cleaning Back Up
7-11 Vehicle Replacement Program DPW Free Cash 457,500 Vehicle Replacement Program Back Up
7-12 Tyco Dry Vales DPW Free Cash 40,000 Dry Valves Back Up
7-13 Facility Upgrades-Energy Conservation Measures (Library) DPW Free Cash 250,000 Facility Upgrades Back Up
7-14 Pine Haven Roof and Cupola DPW Free Cash 45,000 Postponed
7-15 Town Hall Generator DPW Free Cash 140,000 Town Hall Generator Back Up
7-16 Vinebrook Filter Repair DPW Free Cash 80,000 Postponed
7-17 Interactive Technology School Free Cash 85,000 Interactive Technology Back Up
7-18 MSMS Boiler Repair School Free Cash  125,000 Boiler Repair Back Up
7-19 Varsity Field Turf Replacement School Free Cash 500,000 Postponed
7-20 Music Department Installs and Upgrades School Free Cash 50,000 Music Department Upgrades Back Up
7-21 Audio Technology Replacement School Free Cash 100,000 Audio Tech Back Up
7-22 MSMS Auditorium Equipment and Safety Upgrades School Free Cash 350,000 Auditorium Equipment and Safety Upgrades Back Up
7-23 Memorial Playground Resurfacing School Free Cash 50,000 Playground Resurfacing Back Up
7-24 MSMS Exterior Bathroom School Free Cash 25,000 Exterior Bathroom Back Up
7-25 Water Bubbler Replacement School Free Cash 50,000 Water Bubbler Back Up
7-26 Security Camera Replacement and Upgrades School Free Cash 75,000 Security Camera Back Up
7-27 Curriculum School Free Cash 90,000 Curriculum Back Up
7-28 Design Work School Free Cash 100,000 Design Work Back Up
7-29 Vehicle Replacement DPW Sewer Enterprise 55,000 Vehicle Replacement Back Up
7-30 Francis Wyman Pump Station Design DPW Sewer Enterprise 300,000 Pump Station Design
7-31 Pump Station Maintenance DPW Sewer Enterprise 120,000 Pump Station Maintenance
8. Sidewalk Construction Committee Free Cash 300,000 Postponed
9. MWRA Debt Services DPW Sewer I/I Fund 97,265 MWRA Debt Service Back Up
10. Transfer from Water Stabilization DPW Water Stabilization 214,000 Transfer from Water Stabilization Back Up
11. MWRA Assessment DPW Sewer Enterprise 6,152,437
12. Road and Parking Lot Construction DPW Borrowing 3,000,000
13. MWRA Connection Design Phase 2 DPW Borrowing 3500000 MWRA Connection Back Up
14. Acceptance of Chapter 90 DPW Chapter 90 1,084,501 Chapter 90 Back Up
15. PEG Cable Access Fund Administration Cable Enterprise 540,000 PEG Cable Access Fund Back Up
16. Technology and Cybersecurity Lease Approval Administration      
17. Receipts Reserved for Appropriation - Ambulance Services Administration     Postponed
18. Sick Time Buyback Administration     Withdrawn
19. Fund A&P Plan Administration Negotiated Settlements 102,572 Funding Back Up
20. Fund PT Plan Administration Negotiated Settlements 4,464  
21. Fund Police Patrol Contract Administration Negotiated Settlements 147,688  
22. Fund Firefighter Contract Administration Negotiated Settlements   Postponed
23. Special Counsel-ATB Assessors Overlay 150,000 ATB Back Up
24. Visioning Conceptual Site Plan Mall Administration Free Cash 65,000 Postponed
25. Economic Development Administration  Free Cash 35,000 Economic Development Back Up
26. Wireless Legal Infrastructure Legal Analysis Planning Free Cash 100,000 Wireless Back Up
27. Sign Bylaw Consulting Planning Free Cash 75,000 Sign Bylaw Back Up
28. Fourth of July Parade Administration Free Cash 20,000 Withdrawn
29. Will of Marshall Simonds Recreation Other 67,319  
30. Community Custodial School Free Cash 47,464.45 Custodial Back Up