Sump Pump Redirection Permit & Requirements

One option for developers to obtain private sewer allocation mitigation, per the Town's Sewer Allocation Policy, is to redirect sump pumps that are connected to the sewer system. The Town's Engineering Division holds a list of properties that are either connected or potentially connected to the sewer system. Should a developer choose this option for obtaining sewer allocation, the developer must request a specified number of sump pumps they want to redirect in writing and will subsequently be given the property information from the amnesty list. The developer will be required to redirect each property they requested. Sewer allocation credit granted for each sump pump redirected shall be 1,200 gallons per day per Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection standard.

The redirection work shall be performed by a utility contractor licensed with the Town and work shall comply with the Town's Street Opening/Utility Connection Rules & Regulations regardless of whether work is performed on public or private property. The permit application shall include the Utility Permit Application, Tri-Party agreement signed by homeowner and developer, and a drawing of proposed work approved by homeowner. If the proposed work includes a connection to the Town's stormwater system, a waiver form for connections to the Town's stormwater system signed by the homeowner shall be included with the application. Should the proposed work include digging on a Town roadway that has been paved within the last five (5) years, a minimum permit fee of $1,500 is required and may increase depending on the extents of the proposed work. All on-site proposals (i.e. infiltration systems) shall be designed and stamped by a registered professional engineer with Massachusetts and comply with infiltration rates and sizing stated in the most current Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook.

Once the permit has been issued, the developer/contractor must provide scheduling information to the Engineering Division to make any inspections necessary. Although the Engineering Division may make inspections, it is the developer's sole responsibility to make sure proper documentation is made and submitted in a closeout package. This includes pre-construction photos clearly showing a sump pump connecting to the sewer system and post-construction photos showing that the pump is no longer connected to the sewer. Pre-construction photos are extremely important as it can't be addressed at a later time. If the proposal includes trenching across neighboring yards/driveways an agreement with the neighbor must be signed even though it's within the Town Right-of-Way. Otherwise, trenching must take place in the roadway.