Inflow & Infiltration

Since the Town's sewer system has been regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in the late 1980s due to excessive infiltration and inflow (I/I), the Town has strived and made significant efforts to reduce I/I in the sewer system. When these sources are removed, the quantity of flow entering the Burlington sewer system and the risk of sewer backups and overflows will be reduced. Additionally, sewer fees are expected to be reduced as the quantity of flow is reduced.


  • Infiltration is defined as groundwater entering into the sewer system through cracks, collapses, and separations in sewer pipes and sewer manholes.
  • Inflow comes from sources such as roof gutters, yard and driveway drains, and sump pumps that are improperly connected to the sewer system instead of the stormwater system.

These connections are not allowed under the Massachusetts Building and Plumbing Codes and the Town's Sewer Use Regulations. However, if you do have one of these connections, the Town has a no strings attached amnesty program that will fund a proper and professional redirection at zero cost to the homeowner.

Contact Us

For more information regarding unpermitted sewer connections and the amnesty program please see this brochure (PDF) or call the Town's Engineering Division at 781-270-1640.

For redirection requirements and for Developers/Contractors performing the work please review the Sump Pump Redirection Permit & Requirements page.