Tax Collector Office

 Tax Collector/Treasurer,

Brian Curtin

29 Center ST
Burlington,  MA  01803

Phone: 781-270-1625
Email: Tax Collector office

TAX OFFICE STAFF  781(270-1625) 

Terri Clement 
Assistant Tax Collector

Paula McMahon
Lisa Runyan
Robert McCarthy

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General Tax Information  
Tax Rate 
Tax Bills   
Parking Clerk 
Delinquent/Tax Title files
Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)
Online Bill Payment


General Tax Information


The Tax Office DOES NOT accept Faxed/Email request for Tax Information.  

The Tax Office DOES NOT provide copies of Tax Bills to Management Companies.  They must obtain bills from the Assessed owner or Go to Invoice Cloud and get the needed information.

Due Date for Taxes: The Town works in a Fiscal Year July 1, thru June 30 th.

The Town works on a Quarterly Cycle in accordance General Laws Chapter 60. Two bills will be sent as Preliminary (meaning before the rate is set) and two Actual (reflecting the rate)

These bills are sent:


July 1 st due August 1 st

October 1 st due November 1 st


January 1 st due February 1 st

April 1 st due May 1 st

First Quarter Covers: July – August - September

Second Quarter Covers: October – November - December

Third Quarter Covers: January – February - March

Fourth Quarter Covers: April - May – June

Interest accrues daily at 14% 
on bills not paid by due date.

Tax Bills are sent to Registered Homeowners – New Homeowners may not be listed on Deed for six months to a year. It is the responsibility of all HOMEOWNERS to know when TAXES are DUE.

If you do not receive a TAX Bill and you pay your own Taxes - You can print/pay your bill on our website  - Click here

Demands on Tax are sent at the END of the Fiscal Year. Taxes not paid do not forward to the next FISCAL YEARS TAX BILL.

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The Tax Rate is SET by the Selectmen. 

FY 2019(per 1000)

Real Estate Residential $10.48

Real Estate Commercial $27.22

Personal Property $27.22

Tax Bills

Real Estate - Land and Building Tax

Personal Property – Equipment, furniture etc. Within a place of business Tax

Excise (vehicle) – State Tax on vehicles

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Delinquent/Tax Title files

  1. Submitted in Writing
  2. One Hundred Dollar Fee 
  3. This Can be EMailed to you if you provide an email in your request
    or include a Self addressed Stamped envelope


To obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate in Burlington.

  1. Submitted in Writing
  2. Fifty Dollar Fee (Residential)
    One Hundred Dollar Fee (Commercial/map&parcel)
  3. Self addressed Stamped envelope
  4. Specify on whether it's a sale or refinance
  5. For a sale specify closing date and buyers name(s)


 The Cashier function of the Town is located within the Tax office. This is to keep central control of all cash flow for the Town. The Tax office is the Collector of all PAYMENTS To the Water Bills - DPW, Board of Health, Building, Police, Fire, Engineering, Assessors, Planning Board, Town Clerk and Selectmen are paid through the Tax Office unless otherwise specified.

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The Tax office collects all payments for Parking Tickets. 
Parking tickets must be paid within 21 days. 
The Tax office is not in the Position to eliminate or void Tickets. 
To dispute a ticket: You must put it in writing within the 
21 days as to why your fine should be dismissed. 
This must be submitted to:

Town of Burlington
P.O. Box 211A
Burlington, MA 01803

You will be notified in writing as to whether or not 
the Fine will stay as stated or be Dismissed.

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Online Bill Payment

The Town of Burlington now has Online bill payment of Property Tax bills. The Online bill payment system is available thru InvoiceCloud eBill and allows Bill Payers to electronically access and pay their bills using a credit card or electronic check. 
This system does require one time
setup and log in that you create.
**NOTE there is a convenience fee 
of 2.95% ( or a minimum of $1.95 on Credit Cards, 40 cents for E Check payments**

Click here for  Burlington Online Bill Pay