Small Cell Information

SMALL CELL EQUIPMENT POLICY - Approved by the Board of Selectmen on October 22, 2018

The Town of Burlington created a Small Cell Equipment committee to study, along with Town Counsel and the Board of Selectmen,  a policy for requests for small cell equipment to be placed on utility poles in Burlington.  A policy was approved and additional items will be added as studies by the committee continue.

The committee will next review design critera and an application for future requests based on the policy in place.

The town is aware that there are residents concerned about the health effects of wireless telecommunication facilities, however the Federal Communcations Act of 1996 , which is still in effect, only allows that local governments require applicable federal standards.   
Some of the information received and reviewed:

1. 8.6.2018 Various Items Addressed by Small Cell Equipment Committee Member
2. 1999 Town Counsel Opinion re Health Concerns
3.  Planning Department Staff Comments

Posted 10/3/18:
The National League of Cities (NLC) recently released a new small cell wireless municipal action guide and model ordinance. The model ordinance is a suggested example of language that cities can use to meet their specific needs while managing the considerations of multiple stakeholders.

A policy has been approved by the Selectmen and the next step in the process of this policy are design standards, and the following recommendations of the NLC to communities wil continue to be studied:  
-- Gain a full understanding of the technology and important safety considerations;
-- Articulate priorities for accommodating this technology;
-- Create clear policies for permit review citing clear expectations;
--  Develop a template right-of-way access and city pole attachment agreement;
-- Think through any items the to negotiate with industry in exchange for the use of the right-of-way; and
-- Give careful consideration to fee structures.

Posted 10/4/18:
FCC Sides with Telecom Giants in Vote to cap 5G fees: