School Committee


The school committee in each town and each regional school district shall have the power to select and to terminate the superintendent, shall review and approve budgets for public education in the district, and shall establish educational goals and policies for the schools in the district.

The current members are:

 Christine Monaco  18 Corcoran Rd.  (781) 272-8922 2016
 Thomas Murphy, Jr   3 Lexington St.  (781) 273-0204  2016 
 Stephen A. Nelson  25 Fairfax St.  (781) 221-5802  2017
 Kristin A. Russo   5 Kingsdale St.   (781) 270-3270   2017
 Martha Simon   5 Willow Way    (781) 273-0074   2018                     


 Burlington School Committee meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, except when there is a Holiday or during the summer.