Burlington Government.

Burlington is governed by a 126 member representative Town Meeting (18 representatives elected per precinct) and a five-member executive Board of Selectmen. The members of the Board as of April 2019 are: 

 Joseph Morandi, Chairman, First elected 4/2015, Term ends 2021

Robert Hogan, First elected 4/10, Term ends 2022

Michael C. Runyan, First elected 4/12, Term ends 2021

Jim Tigges, First elected 4/17, Term ends 2020

Nicholas Priest, First elected 4/19, Terms ends 2022

The current Town Administrator is  Paul Sagarino , and the Assistant Town Administrator is John Daniazo.

The Departments under the Town Administrator include:  Accounting, Treasurer/Collector Conservation, Fire, Human Resources, MIS, Police, Public Works and the Human Services Departments. 

Burlington has an elected Town Clerk, Amy E. Warfield.

There are also Elected Boards overseeing Assessors, Health, Housing, Library, and Planning.

In addition to these bodies the Town of Burlington is run by a number of boards and commissions.
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These boards are made up of individuals who are town residents and appointed by either the Town Administrator or the Moderator of Town Meeting.
To be able to watch past meetings you can go to BCAT You Tube Channel at this link

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Elected Appointed -Town Administrator Appointed- Moderator
Selectmen Conservation Board Ways & Means
School  Disability Access Commission  Capital Budget
 Planning    Land Use
 Board of Health  Appointed -Selectmen  
 Library Trustees  Appeals