Employee Assistance Program

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All Burlington employees and their household members are eligible to access free services through our Employee Assistance Program.  The EAP offers voluntary, confidential, professional services, benefits, and tools – with access 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  If you have a problem to solve and don't know where to start - start here!

Just a sampling of the many benefits:

  • Access to over 25,000 counselors nationwide, all PhD and Masters level.  Financial and legal counseling is also available.
  • Thousands of online self-help tools, videos and articles on physical and emotional wellbeing, financial matters, legal issues, career development, and more.
  • Special programs on caregiving, special needs, adoption, and more.
  • Help for everyday challenges, such as finding good daycare or eldercare services, help with pet issues, and sourcing auto services.
  • Lifestyle benefits offering discounts on fitness, nutrition planning, weight loss, retirement/college planning, and more.
  • Assistance for personal, family, financial, and legal issues for everyday work/life problems, including: debt counseling and restructuring, real estate and tenant/landlord concerns, interpersonal skills with family and co-workers.

Your usage of the EAP will remain confidential and will not be shared with the Town.

Additional benefits offered through your EAP:
To access these benefits either log onto the websites above, or call the number shown. 

One-to-one telephonic coaching and support, as well as online self-help resources and trainings. Coaching is available for:
• Certified Financial Coaching •  Balancing Life at Work and Home •  Resilience •  Effective Communication •  Home Purchasing •  Student Debt •  Yoga & Relaxation for Beginners •  Workplace Conflict •  Retirement •  Succeeding as a Supervisor

Help with personal legal concerns:
•  Wills •  Traffic Violations •  Criminal Cases •  Divorce •  Child Custody •  Probate Issues •  Bankruptcy

There is no charge for your initial phone consultation (up to 30 minutes).  If you need to hire an attorney, you will be referred to a local independent lawyer specializing in your area of concern and the billable hourly rate is discounted by 25%.  The legal benefit is not available for issues related to employment.

Access the entire legal library on the EAP website including will templates, contract samples and more.

If you thought that access to a Fitness or Nutrition Coach was too expensive, you’re in luck. This free benefit is designed to help you and your family be as healthy as you can be. Get help for:
•  Nuitrition and Weight Loss •  Fitness •  Reducing Stress •  Quitting Tobacco, Alcohol, or Drugs 

You also have access to an online Wellness Center, a self-help resource that is available to you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Children don't come with an owner's manual, yet childrearing is a highly complex undertaking.  The Parenting Resource Center is designed to help you access the best online resources on parenting topics.  Here are some of the issues that are covered:
•  Prenatal and Birth •  Infancy •  Early Childhood Development •  Kids Health and Safety •  Work-Life Parenting Issues •  Problems and Special Needs •  Kids Nutrition •  Just for Dads •  Childcare and Schooling •  Teen Years •  Financial Resources •  Safe Online Sites for Kids

Resilient people aren’t easily knocked off course. They know their purpose, they achieve their dreams and goals, and they follow their hearts. They also experience less stress, less depression, and better physical and emotional health.
The Resilience Journey includes more than 40 interactive exercises aimed at deepening one’s understanding of resilience and the role that it plays in one’s life, as well as how to strengthen and maintain that resilience.