Town of Burlington Disability Access Commission
    Phone (781) 270-1740   

You Handicapped Parking Appeal Process paperwork:

You can print the appeal form below and mail it to the address listed below with all required supporting documents. 

 “Handicapped Parking Appeal Form” 

Required items to include in your appeal package
(It is your responsibility to prove your case.)

 1.      Explanation on this appeal form and, PROVIDE REQUIRED SIGNATURES OF:  owner of ticketed vehicle and holder of placard.
2.      Copy of Handicap Placard holders License.  If member does not have on then submit owner of ticketed vehicles license.
3.      Copy of Registration of ticketed vehicle
4.      COLOR COPY HP Placard with owner clearly identified
5.      Positive proof that owner of placard was present when vehicle was ticketed
6.      Original ticket

Please mail entire package to:

Burlington Police Department
P.O. BOX 211A

This form is for the $200 handicapped parking fine and should be completed and sent with all supporting documents to the address provided at top of the form.  The documents required are on the second page of the form, and they must all be submitted with the appeal or the appeal will be returned.
*******The $500 citation for misuse is not handled by the Town of Burlington.  Follow the directions on the citation if you wish to appeal that citation.*******