Town of Burlington Disability Access Commission
    Phone (781) 270-1740                                                                        Email

Disability related resources are located below in the following Links:


Disabled Plate/Placard Forms

Burlington Parent Advisory Council

U.S. Currency Reader Program for the Visually Impaired

Massachusetts Office on Disability

Architectural Access Board

Americans with Disabilites Act

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Massachusetts Commission for the Hard of Hearing

New Forward Thinking Handicapped Parking Icon

Community Resource phone numbers

Vision Loss and Personal Recovery

 For the Community: is a website for thousands of resources on benefits, civil rights, community life, education, emergency preparedness, employment, health, housing, technology and transportation for people with disabilities, their families, Veterans, educators, employers and others. For more information, please click on the followoing link:


Home Modification Loan Program:


The Home Modification Loan Program provides no- and low-interest loans to modify the homes of adults and children with disabilities and elders.  For more information about this program, please click on the below link: