Boards and Commissions

The Town of Burlington is run by a number of boards and commissions. 
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You can view past meetings at BCAT - You Tube at this link

These individuals are either Elected or Appointed.  Appointed members are appointed by either the Town Administrator or the Moderator of Town Meeting.

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Elected Appointed -Town Administrator Appointed- Moderator
Selectmen Conservation Board Ways & Means
School  Disability Access Commission  Capital Budget
 Planning   Board of Appeals -Selectmen  Land Use
 Board of Health   Board of Registrar - Selectmen
 Library Trustees  


All boards and commissions in Burlington comply with Massachusetts General Law in regards to Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest.  For more information on these laws and regulations click below:

Burlington Committee Handbook

Open Meeting  Regulations as of 10-16-17

 Open Meeting Law Guide

Open Meeting Law Presentation 10-2019

Remote Access Handout 10-2019

Conflict of Interest Summary as of 7/2013 

Remote Access Meeting Policy