Board of Selectmen Votes relating to COVID-19

Board of Selectmen/Town Administrator Decisions and Votes Relating to COVID-19

06.08.2020 and Updated 06.22.2020 to Allow Town Administrator and Staff to Review and Approve Guidelines:  Temporary Extension of Premises:  Outdoor Dining Area on Private Property or Parking Lot (temporary)
06.19.2020 ABCC Phase II Start of Indoor Seating
06.08.2020 - Burlington Town Employees return to workplaces based on regulations set forth by the Governor with respect to office spaces and social distancing
06.07.2020 -  Alcohol Beverages Control Commission Advisory for Outdoor Patio Seating 
05.18.2020 Governor Baker released Workplace Safety Standards
04.13.2020 BOS approved -   CERTAIN TAX RELIEF AND APPLICATION DEFERRALS:  State Chap  53 , Acts of 2020 Sec's 10 & 11 
04.06.2020 BOS voted to POSTPONE TOWN MEETING     
04.03.2020 Massachusetts Liquor sale authorization for take-out orders:  restaurants, hotels, and clubs effective 04.03.2020:  ADVISORY LETTER FROM THE ALCOHOL BEVERAGES CONTROL COMMISSION 
03.23.2020 BOS voted to POSTPONED TOWN ELECTION to Saturday, June 6, 2020