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One-Day Licenses


Any changes of a licensed manager, stockholder, officer, director, change in beneficial interest or the addition of a new partner or investor is not legal unless and until the new individual(s) is (are) approved by both the local licensing authority and the ABCC.  The license will not be renewed untile the license is in conformity in accordance with Mass. General Laws.    

Alcohol Licenses - Changes/New/Transfers

Applications are submitted for:

  •  Change in Manager
  •  Change in Board of Directors or Stock and Shareholders
  •  Modifications - such as changes to storage of alcoholic beverages, changes in location of bars, tables, etc.
  •  Alterations require interpretations from the Planning and Building Departments prior to approval by the BOS.  
  •  For these and other purposes, see Alcohol Licenses - Changes/New/Transfers

Submissions and Requirements:


Annual Renewal

All license renewal applications for alcohol, common victualler, entertainment, and amusement devices (juke box, arcades and table gaming) must be signed during the month of November.  A count of all devices is to be provided on the renewal application.

The establishment must be in conformity with the last approved description of the premises.  

No renewal of license shall be considered by the Select Board, Licensing Authority without full payment in advance as per Mass. Gen. Laws, Chap. 138 § 70, for all licenses you hold.  

A renewal license is allowed only if the license you are applying for is of the same type as the license you currently have, and if members or the stock/shareholders, board of directors and manager have not changed.  

All taxes and other municipal charges must be up to date.   No renewal application should be signed if the licensee is not in conformance with M.G.L. Ch. 40 §57.


All Alcoholic / Restaurant / Common Victualler

Wine & Malt Bev. / Restaurant  / Common Victualler              1,500
Common Victualler License                    25
All Alcohol / Package StoreVictualler License                
Wine & Malt Beverages / Package Goods Store  
All Alcohol / Club  
One Day Liquor License             75.00
Amusement Devices (each)  
Live Entertainment                    25 
Hearing Fee for Town of Burlington                  150