Christmas Saturdays to the Mall

                                  Saturday to the Mall Schedule

Thanks again to funding from the Burlington Mall, The Burlington Public Transit will
be offering FREE service to the Burlington Mall for all riders on the Saturdays between
Thanksgiving and Christmas from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

November 24th - December 1st - December 8th - December 15th  - December 22nd

On the hour,  starting at 10:00 AM, bus 1  will run from the Center School to
Birchcrest, Bedford Street, Terrace Hall Avenue, and A Street to the Burlington Mall and
back to the Center School via Lexington Street. (Route 11)

On the half hour starting at 10:30 bus 1 will run down Lexington Street to the Burlington
Mall, A Street, Terrace Hall Avenue and back to the Center School. (Route 11R)

On the hour, stating at 10:00 Am, Bus 2 will operate Frances Wyman, Wilmington Road
area back to the Center School (Route 13).

On the half hour, starting at 10:30 AM, Bus 2 will operate the Birchcrest, Peach Orchard,
Beacon Street, Winn Street, Wyman Street area back to the Center School. (Route 14)

The last trip from the Mall will be the 5:30 PM run (Route 11 & 11R) back to the Center School.
At 6:00 PM Bus 1 will do the Peach Orchard, Beacon Street, Wyman Street route (Route 14)
and bus 2 will to the Frances Wyman, Wilmington Road run (Route 13).

If you haven't ridden a Burlington Public Transit Bus yet, this is a great opportunity to try
something new and get some shopping done and it's FREE!

Why hassle for a parking space at the Mall during the Holiday season, when you can park
at the Center School (6 Center Street) or behind Town Hall and be dropped off and picked up
at the entrance to the Mall (where Pizzeria Uno used to be)

Burlington Public Transit buses are safe, comfortable and wheelchair accessible.