Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Functions (revised November 2014)

The Town of Burlington Archives was established under Article 4 of Town Meeting in May, 1999. The Archives acquires, preserves, and makes accessible records of town departments, historical records, and documents relating to the town’s operations and history. It serves town officers, employees, taxpayers, ratepayers, and other interested parties. The Archives undertakes municipal records functions in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66, and other relevant state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Purpose: The purpose of the Town of Burlington Archives is to organize, preserve, and make accessible records not in current use and to collect and maintain documentation relevant to the work of the municipal government. The Archives primarily services the municipal government operations of the Town of Burlington. The Archives holds both archival and inactive records relating to 1) current and ongoing municipal operations, 2) municipal departments, 3) committees and boards, 4) the history of the Town 5) the growth and development of the town, 6) vital records of individuals, 7) Town Meeting, 8) municipal personnel, 9) secondary sources relating to the history of the town and its people and 10) individuals and organizations related to or functioning within the Town.

The Archives collects documents related to Burlington history, government and operations in several different forms, including, but not restricted to: microimages, photographs, manuscripts, paper, maps, digital records, audio and visual recordings. The Archives primarily collects unpublished items but will acquire published items relating to the town, its growth and development and its history.

In exercising its operations, the Archives follows accepted technical standards and best practices, as well as state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

Services: The Archives provides reference services in order to support legal, fiscal and administrative documentary needs of municipal departments and other interested parties. The Archives provides document management services involving storage, reformatting, transport, records security, conservation/preservation and destruction of municipal records, per Massachusetts General Laws and Codes of Massachusetts Regulations. From time to time the Archives may arrange for, and oversee the provisioning of outsourced services to meet document management needs. The Archives consults with municipal departments and committees on the interpretation of town history. In accordance with the Town Clerk, the Archivist interprets and implements state municipal records schedules.

Structure: The Archives serves as a division of the Town Clerk’s office. The Archives and Archivist reports to the Town Clerk and, as requested, to Town Meeting.

Staff: The staff consists of one archivist.