Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone ride Burlington Pubic Transit?
Yes - Burlington Public Transit is a service that anyone, young or old can enjoy.

Is using Burlington Public Transit Safe?
Yes - it is very safe. The drivers are all very friendly and go out of their way to look out for their riders.

How do I use Burlington Public Transit?
Look for the Bee signs or flag a bus down (except on Middlesex Turnpike), tell the driver where you want to go and he will get you there.

Why should I use Burlington Public Transit?
Burlington Public Transit runs on a set schedule that you can set your commuting time around. No more roaming around looking for parking spaces or sitting in traffic and you'll feel better about yourself when you get to your destination knowing you did something good for the environment.  Some say that buses take longer than driving, but when you consider that driving is lost time that you can better spend reading or relaxing, while leaving the driving to someone else, you come out way ahead time wise.