Update - Burlington Connection to the MWRA Water System Update

Burlington Connection to the MWRA Water System Update

July 10, 2020


The Town of Burlington has been diligently working through the permitting process to get approval for joining the MWRA water system.

On April 17, 2020 a Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs in the Final Environmental Impact Report was issued for the MWRA Water Connection (MEPA process)

Following this major milestone, the Water Resources Commission (WRC) accepted our application as complete and scheduled 2 hearings (as mandated by regulations) to be held in July 2020

  • One hearing in Burlington
  • And a second hearing in the donor basin
  • Following the second hearing staff will make a recommendation to approve or deny at the next possible WRC meeting.

Once the MEPA and WRC process is complete we will submit applications to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority for joining the MWRA water system.

Our goal is to complete the permitting process before the end of the calendar year.


Phase 1 construction (Adams Street Emergency Connection)

The Burlington’s Engineering Division has been working in obtaining local permits (Lexington and Burlington) for the water main extension on Adams Street.  We have also obtained DEP’s water main extension permits and anticipate going out to bid on Phase 1 construction by the end of July.  Pipe installation is anticipated to be complete before the end of the year.  This connection, through Lexington’s water system, is capable of providing 1 million gallons per day.

Phase 2 (Burlington to Arlington transmission main)

At the May 2020 Town Meeting, approval was given for the design of Phase 2. This phase will allow the water capacity to take the Vine Brook Treatment Facility offline, and provide 3.5 million gallons per day. Construction is estimated to take 2 years and be completed by the end of 2022.