Electric Car charging Station at Town Hall


Parking spaces with charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV) are available on a first come, first serve basis for all employees and visitors in accordance with the following Use Policy and Guidelines. The fee schedule, which is a combined fee for charging and parking, is set forth as follows:

 Cost to charge: $0.20 per KWH

 Cost to park: Free for first 3 hours, $2 per hour for hours 3-6, $10 per hour for more than 6 hours.

 Use Policy

 •     Visitors and Employees parked in the EV spaces must limit charging time to no more than 6 hours. Vehicles will be towed if they are parked in the same spot for longer than this duration.

•     Overnight parking is only allowed for municipal vehicles.

•     Cars parked in EV spaces must be charging.

•     The owner of the vehicle is responsible for plugging and unplugging their EV once fully charged.

•     The owner of the vehicle is responsible for any cost associated with charging and parking their EV (please see fee schedule above).

•     The owner of the vehicle is responsible for calling the 1-800 help number if any problems occur with the EV charging device while charging or attempting to charge.


 •     Payments should be made via the ChargePoint application on the EV owner’s cell phone.

•     Do not remove an EV charger from another person’s vehicle.

•     There will be no parking allowed in EV parking spots during a plow operation.

•     When finished charging, please place the charging cord back in its original position on the charge port and move vehicle.

 Limitation of Liability

 •     The Town is not responsible if another EV user removes a charging port from one car to place in another.

•     The Town is not responsible for any damage caused by the EV charging station.

•     The Town is not responsible for asking users to move their vehicles once fully charged.

•     The EV user is responsible if any damage is done to the EV charging station.