Town Election information - As of May 27th


Video Update on Town Election

The Selectmen voted on March 23rd to accept the bill which was signed by the Governor that day to move the Annual Town Election to June 6th.  All the candidates remain on the  ballot as printed and Early Voting Ballots are for any registered voter;  Absentee Ballots are for those who are physical not able to make it to the polls, out of town the day of the election or for religious reasons.  Early Voting Ballots would be recommended for those who are over 70 years,  or have a health condition that makes them at risk or any person taking precaution related to COVID-19 in response to a declared state of emergency or from guidance from a medical professional, local or state health official, or any civil authority.

Sample Ballots - all 7 Precincts

To be able to receive a ballot of either type you must print out the application and sign it (your physical signature - hand written) , applications with electronic signatures can not be accepted.  If you do not have a printer available - you can hand write a note with your printed name, address and hand written signature
(all 3),  to the address below, requesting a ballot.

If you want to request an absentee ballot click here for an application, which can be mailed to the Clerk's office at 29 Center St, Burlington, MA or emailed to (if emailing it must be a hand written signature)

If you want to request an Early Voting Ballot  click here for an application which can  be mailed to the  Clerk's office at 29 Center St, Burlington, MA or emailed to (if emailing it must be a hand written signature)

Any Questions email at