Traffic Light Operation & Maintenance Info

For issues related to traffic signals, such as an intersection in flash or a light bulb out, please report the issues to the Town of Burlington Engineering Division at 781-270-1640 during business hours and the Burlington Police Department at 781-272-1212 during non-business hours. Please try to report as much detail about the issue as possible. The more information provided (i.e. time of day, day of week, direction of travel, etc.) the quicker we can diagnose and fix the issue.

Please note that we are only able to repair, modify, or adjust traffic signals that we own. There are several MassDOT (state owned) traffic signals in Town that we are not allowed to touch. While we may be able to report the issue to MassDOT, it is recommended that issues are reported directly to their District 4 office so they can ask any specific questions they may need allowing the repair to be expedited. You can report any state owned roadway problems online at or by phone toll free at 877-623-6846. Below is a link to a map of traffic signals in Town displayed by owner.

 Traffic Signal Maintenance Ownership Map