School Vision

At Memorial Elementary School, children and adults will treat each other with dignity and respect. People will feel valued and free to express their ideas and concerns.

A strong work ethic combined with individual attention in a collaborative setting will foster quality, cooperation, and pride as fundamental truths critical to happiness and success. All students and staff will have a safe, pleasant, and clean environment in which to teach, learn, play, and relax.

Memorial School students will read independently by the end of third grade. Writing will be an everyday event. Quality academics and special subjects, meaningful community service, diverse cultural experiences, and interesting enrichment opportunities will result in the best total education for every child.

Curricula, programs, and other services will combine time-tested methods and materials with the most promising initiatives, innovations, and research. At our school, all students will be prepared to continue their education and enjoy life in a productive, responsible, and rewarding way.

The children and adults of Memorial School will have a solid foundation in computers and other technology. Teaching and learning will be enhanced by using the latest technological systems across the curriculum, throughout the community, and around the world.

Students and staff will have the modern resources and current skills to do their work efficiently, effectively, and creatively. They will be prepared for the Information Age.

Throughout the Memorial School community, all adults will support a common value for education and instill a love of learning in our children. In that spirit, we will work as partners sharing our knowledge and skills, resources and services in order to maximize the effect of our collective strengths.

Together, we will raise and educate our children to be kind, happy, and successful citizens.