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Marshall Simonds Middle School makes every attempt to implement the essential elements of a “true” middle school. Students are divided into 9 interdisciplinary teams, teachers utilize common planning time, varying blocks of time are used to schedule instruction, and school programs are adapted to the individual differences in the intellectual, biological, and social maturation of students. Our common goal is to create a school in which improving student learning is central.

The middle school community highlights high levels of student-parent communication, varied instructional strategies, a full exploratory program, evaluation procedures compatible with adolescent needs and a positive school environment. Decisions about school policy, curriculum, and school organization are directly influenced by a sensitivity to the age group.

Throughout the school year parents will be provided with newsletters, calendars, and direct written and oral communication to keep them informed of important school events. The Parent Teachers’ Organization and School Council will provide numerous opportunities for families to become involved in school activities. Parent orientation nights, concerts, individual conferences, team meetings, special recognition events, open- houses, and other school activities will be held to involve parents in their child’s education.

It is truly an honor for me to work with such an outstanding group of teachers. Our fondest desire is to form a partnership with the extended school community that will result in a happy and profitable education for every middle school child.  

Principal Richard Connors