Principal's Message

Welcome to Fox Hill Elementary School! 

Great schools “row as one”; they are quite clearly in the same boat, pulling in the same direction in unison. The best schools we visited were tightly aligned communities marked by a palpable sense of common purpose and shared identity among staff-a sense of “we.”

Thomas Lickona and Matthew Davidson


Every day I observe the positive influence of the Fox Hill Code on student behavior both in and out of the classroom setting. This year we will continue to use the Fox Hill Code and children throughout the year will engage in lessons and discussions that review and revisit the code. 

The staff at Fox Hill Elementary will collaborate in teams to share best practices, review curriculum and instruction and analyze student achievement. Some of the questions that shape and guide our work include, What is learning? How do we know when learning has occurred? and How will we respond when children do not appear to be learning? 

These questions reflect and support our school vision. The vision of the Fox Hill Staff is to: Collaborate and learn from each other in order to promote a safe learning community where all children learn and grow. All members will seek to understand children’s individual strengths and needs in order to foster their academic, emotional and social potential while developing independence, curiosity and a love of learning.

To support our ability to move towards this vision we offer quality materials and teaching strategies that ensures strong academic and social growth. Some of these materials and strategies include:

• A team model approach that is reflective and strives for continuous school improvement. 
• The adoption of a systematic phonemic awareness and phonics program; Wilson-Fundations. 
• A Guided Reading Approach to reading that responds to the different needs and levels of all readers. 
• The adoption of Investigations, a math program in grades 1-5. 
• Number Corner, a supplemental math program in grades 1-5. 
• Informative assessments that shape instruction. 
• Second Step and Responsive Classroom, a social skills program. 
• Implementation of a special education inclusion model. 
• A literacy team and math tutor that collaborates with grade level teachers and delivers needed instruction. 
• Integrated and interactive science and social studies programs that strengthen basic skills and promote curiosity. 
• An active and supportive PTO that supports and provides many enrichment opportunities. 
• Ongoing community service projects.

Fox Hill Elementary School is a wonderful school to learn and to grow academically, socially and emotionally. I am extremely proud of our teachers, students and parents and together as a team and as a community we will make significant contributions in the lives of all our children.

You are welcome to visit Fox Hill Elementary School and experience its warm and supportive culture. If you have any questions you can reach me by phone, 781-270-1791 or by email, I look forward to developing a strong and lasting partnership with you.

With Warmest Regards, 
Ellen K. Johnson 
Fox Hill Elementary School