2017 District Report Card Overview

As a requirement of receiving federal money through the Title 1 grant program, we have to send the attached
"report cards" to all families.  Please note that the federal government is in a transition from the No Child Left
Behind Act (NCLB) to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  During this transition, new state regulations are
being adopted.  In addition, Massachusetts is in the process of changing our state test from MCAS 1.0 to MCAS
2.0.  All of these changes mean that the information included in the report cards is incomplete or developing.  
For instance, there are "no levels" reported for the elementary and middle schools.  The high school information
has remained the most consistent with prior years because the initial changes have been at the grades 3 through
8 levels.  High school changes will be coming over the next two years.