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Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Within the Community Infrastructure 

The Burlington Police Department will be hosting this class with the Lahey Clinic on Burlington on January 26 and 27. It is FREE, you just need to have a FEMA ID # (Also Free)
Seating is limited and this will be on a first come, first serve basis so please let me know as soon as you can if you are attending. If you can't make it substitutions are okay.
Please fill out the registration form here:


Please fill out one of these forms and bring it to class: http://teexweb.tamu.edu/file/ITSI/ITSI_Registration_Form.pdf


Learn how hospitals and healthcare organizations are vulnerable to a disaster. Participants will be introduced to the various natural, technological, and civil hazards to which hospitals and healthcare organizations may be vulnerable and the potential impacts of those hazards.

Federal guidelines and legislation that serve to aid in the preparedness for, and response to, incidents involving these hazards are discussed, as are current emergency management standards for the hospital community. Participants review response and recovery issues that should be addressed by medical facilities and organizations in preparation for a large-scale incident, including identification of critical resources necessary for response and recovery.




There are no prerequisites for this class



  • Fundamentals of preparedness
  • Preparing the recovery
  • Preparing the response
  • What are we preparing for?
  • Assessing your preparedness




  • Hospital and healthcare industry managers
  • Department heads, directors, assistant directors, and senior medical staff
  • Personnel responsible for, or contributing to, emergency preparedness planning
  • Regulatory personnel
  • Public health or health department personnel
  • Mental health managers and personnel
  • Nursing home managers
  • Local emergency management directors/managers
  • Emergency services managers/administrators




FEMA Student ID Requirement

Prior to course delivery, the hosting jurisdiction for the class shall inform all participants of the FEMA requirement to establish a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). This can be accomplished by registering at FEMA’s website. Participants will be asked to provide their SID when they arrive and complete the registration process for the course.





Participants are encouraged to take the online courses IS 100, IS 700.A, and IS 800 at http://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.asp before attending this course.

- See more at: http://teexweb.tamu.edu/teex.cfm?pageid=training&area=TEEX&templateid=14&Division=PRT&Course=MGT341#sthash.R00MIa5P.dpuf