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BPD radKids Week          

Your kids will be in a fun and very active program that stresses safety awareness through role-play, self-defense and other activities.  Burlington Police D.A.R.E. will incorporate risk awareness skills (strangers, public safety etc.) with radKIDS, a program that offers defense against abduction.   RadKIDS teaches all kinds of cool things, like what you can do to be safe from fires, or how to be safe when you're out shopping, even what to do if a strange dog scares you. The radKids portion of the class (defense against abduction) is a 15-hour class to be integrated with the D.A.R.E. safety awareness teachings.  Due to a generous grant from Lahey Clinic, classes will be free for all attending residents.  Donations to the Burlington D.A.R.E. Program are appreciated.   As per the radKIDS organization, each child thereafter will be able to re-attend the class on an unlimited basis for free.  The program is intended for children ages 8-12.  The course will be held at the Memorial Elementary School gymnasium Mon. – Fri. (9am-12noon) July 14-28, July 21-25 and July 28-August 1.  All 5 classes must be attended.  Full time Burlington Police officers will teach the class!  Registration forms will be made available at the Burlington Police Web Site: and may be dropped off at the Police Station.   Limited space available!  For questions, call Officers Keith Sheppard or Steve Cross at (781) 505-4919 or 781-505-4965.

Download the Registration Form here: 2014 radKids Week

Practitioner Certification Course 
Burlington Police Dept., Burlington, MA   May 19-21, 2014
NASRO CPTED Flyer Burlington MAwReginfo rev
Duration                                Cost 
               3 days (24 hours)                             $345 (member rate)
                                                                                        $395 (non-member rate)
School CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) uses design, management, and activity strategies to reduce opportunities for crime and aggressive behaviors to occur, to reduce fear and to improve the overall learning environment.  The CPTED concept emphasizes the relationship of the physical environment, the productive use of space, and the behavior of people. Upon completion of this 24-hour course and successful completion of a written test, attendees become a NASRO Certified CPTED Practitioner. The course will include a hands-on CPTED School Assessment (CSA) of a school. Attendees will be provided with tools to use on their school campus or in their associated activities with school safety.
Course Goals
*  Develop expertise in the practice of School CPTED & Assessments.
*  Develop a common language and understanding of School CPTED for enhanced communications with other professionals and practitioners.
*  Provide a forum for working as a team to identify issues, develop recommendations and present them to others. 
*  Meet the prerequisite for NASRO School CPTED Practitioner Certification
Course Description
The 3-day course includes one day of classroom instruction; one day of team assessments; and one day for the teams to finalize findings and recommendations, and give presentations.
Who Should Attend
*        School Resource Officers-School Safety Officers
*        School & District Administrators
*       School Facilities Staff
*         Architects and Facility Planners

Education Credits
AIA CEU’s can be made available with a local AIA host

What’s Been Said
“very educational - ready to do assessments when I return home”
“great course, great instruction, great instructor”
“very useful & well done”

Captain Stan Carter (Ret.) of Carter & Carter Associates, in conjunction with NASRO, developed this course.  He is an International CPTED Association (ICA) Advanced CPTED Practitioner who has worked with the Centers of Disease Control’s Department of Violence Prevention (CDC/DVP) to develop and test the standardized CPTED School Assessment (CSA) used in this class. He brings over 20 years of CPTED experience with schools and districts throughout the U.S.

Officer Steve Cross
Burlington Police Department
Phone: 781-505-4919

Members – Go to  It should say $345.  For problems call 888-316-2776.
Non-members – It’s $10.00 cheaper to join and then register for the course. To join, go to, choose a category of membership, fill out the information and click “create new account.” Within a couple of days you will receive authorization and a link to complete your membership.  Once you have completed your membership, go to the link under members above.  If you do not want to join, follow the same directions but choose the “basic contact” membership category, wait for your authorization and go back and register for the class for $395.00. For problems call NASRO at 888-316-2776.

Download a copy of this flyer: Here