Burlington Police Traffic Division

The Burlington Police Department Traffic Division is a specialized division within the Operations Bureau of the department.  It consists of a Traffic Safety Officer, a Traffic Officer and a Traffic Sergeant.  The Traffic Division is responsible for many tasks, which include but are not limited to:  traffic enforcement, commercial motor vehicle inspections, radar trailer set-up and maintenance, site plans, speed surveys, Safety Town, Class II dealership licenses, towing contracts, traffic and underage alcohol grant administration, fleet maintenance, radar/lidar calibration, car seat installations, safety education and much more.

The current staff of the division is:

Sergeant Gerry McDonough

Safety Officer Bernard Schipelliti

Officer William Trelegan

Any questions for the Traffic Division may be directed to the Traffic line at (781) 270-1940.

Child Safety Seat Request 

Radar Trailer Request Form

Ticket Appeals