Bike Patrol Unit

Bike Unit at Truck Day - 2018-1

Bike officers heading out to the Town Common for Annual Truck Day event,
September 16, 2018.

BPD Bike officers at the Hindu Temple after assisting a procession per Hindu tradition to promote peace and harmony in the community on
Saturday, July 14, 2018.

Members of the Burlington Police Department gathered at 3rdAveBurl
to receive new high-end patrol bikes donated by
Nordblom Company.  5/22/18
Members of the Burlington Police Department gathered at @3rdAveBurl to receive new high-end patrol bikes donated by Nordblom Company.

The Burlington Police Department began a uniformed Bicycle Patrol Unit in the summer of 1997. The goal of the program was to localize police coverage and bring the department closer in touch with the community. The unit started out with three bicycle officers and four bicycles. Since then it has grown to a total of twenty officers. 
Some of the events the bicycle unit assisted in this past year were the little league parade,  Burlington education road race, Celebrate Burlington day,  5k walk for depression, Tavern in the Square 5k Road Race, 5k Run for the Cure, Teen Light Walk, the Saheli annual walk against domestic violence, and the concert on the common series. Officers were on bike patrol on Halloween to ensure public safety on the night of heavy pedestrian traffic and officer interacted with citizens.
All officers of the unit must attend and successfully complete a Mountain Bike Patrol School certified by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council known as COBWEB (Cops on Bikes With Education for Bicyclists). COBWEB is the original Massachusetts Police Mountain Bike Patrol Course designed to train the officer for his/her duties while on a Bike Patrol Unit. The Burlington Police Department has approximately 20 police officers trained and certified in police bicycle operations. While mostly a seasonal position, the bicycle patrols supplement the Patrol Division and have become a useful and beneficial addition to the Department.
All bicycle officers can perform most of the same duties that an officer in a cruiser would perform. In addition to answering calls for service, bicycle officers enforce traffic and pedestrian and bicycle laws as well. Bicycle officers also have been involved with providing bicycle safety classes and conducting a yearly bicycle rodeo. 
The purpose of the bike patrol is to increase patrol coverage in areas where traditional vehicles cannot access. Bike officers on their mount easily maneuver parks, alleys, and shopping districts.
Officers are easily distinguished from civilians as they are outfitted with special police uniforms. The uniforms are designed to allow better flexibility so that the officers are not limited in their abilities. 

Comfort is of the utmost importance. For this reason, nylon stretch fabric shorts or pants are worn with a quick dry performance polo short-sleeved shirts. Emblazoned across the back of the shirt are the words BURLINGTON POLICE. A lightweight nylon gun belt is worn with all of its accessories.

Bikes are fitted with a dual beam halogen headlight, flashing lights to the front and rear
and a carryall containing first aid supplies and other necessary equipment.

COBWEB Certified Bike Patrol Officers:
Lieutenant Michael McDade 
Sergeant Peter Abaskharoun
Sergeant Thomas Carlson
Patrol Officer Dan Houston
Patrol Officer Steve Papagno
Patrol Officer Paul Glejzer
Patrol Officer Richard Hanafin
Patrol Officer David M McLean
Patrol Officer Lynn Reynolds
Patrol Officer Robert Aloisi Jr.
Patrol Officer Rob Reyes
Patrol Officer Vito Costa
Patrol Officer Jim Hanafin

Patrol Officer Charles Ferguson
Patrol Officer Ryan Griffin
Patrol Officer David Outerbridge
Patrol Officer Ashley Daniels
Patrol Officer Nikolas Saledas
Patrol Officer Patrick Lyons
Patrol Officer Dominic Calicchio