Town Requests and Information


For Emergencies call 911                                             General Business call: 781-272-1212
                                                                                                     Media Hotline: 781-791-7627

Division Names Phone   Numbers  Email
Chief's Office      
Chief of Police Kent,   Mike 781-505-4920

Deputy Chief Duffy,   Thomas 781-505-4907

Administration Captain Skehan,   Greg 781-505-4926

Administrative Secretary Tieri,   Rosemarie 781-505-4920

Community Services      
Sergeant  Debye,   Michael  781-505-4966

Matron Supervisor/Head Traffic Supervisor Bulman,   Helen 781-505-4911

School Resource Officer Sheppard, Keith

Youth Services Detective Fournier,   Thomas 781-505-4931

Accounts Payable Manzo,   Paula 781-505-4922
Animal Control Officer Mills,   Gerry 781-270-1698
Patrol Officer/Detail Officer Abaskharoun, Peter 781-505-4972

Server Registration Sheppard, Keith 781-505-4965

Detective Division      
Detective Lieutenant O'Meara,   Steven Lt 781-505-4927

Detective Sergeant  McDonough,   Tim  781-505-4943
Domestic Violence Detective Browne,   Anne Marie 781-505-4909

Detective Burdick,   Gary 781-505-4912

Detective Carlson,   Tom 781-505-4913

Drug Detective Callahan,   Paul  781-505-4938

Detective Gagne,   Al 781-505-4933

Drug Unit Officer Glejzer,   Paul 781-505-4934

Court Liason Officer Luader, Scott 781-505-4925

Detective Redfern,   Gary 781-505-4956

Detective/Crime Analysis Tigges, James  781-505-4921

Civilian Dispatcher Barnard,   Eileen 781-505-4948
Civilian Dispatcher Connolly,   June 781-505-4916
Civilian Dispatcher Fay,   Gail 781-505-4928

Civilian Dispatcher Kolhonen, Ed
Lieutenant  Browne, Thomas 781-505-4910

Lieutenant Mills,   Glen  781-505-4945

Lieutenant Kirchner,   Robert Lt 781-505-4924

Lieutenant McDade,   Michael  781-505-4982

Sergeant  Doherty,   Kevin  781-505-1130

Sergeant  Hanafin,   Daniel  781-505-4902

Sergeant Kirchner,   Timothy  781-505-4940

Sergeant Cooney, Kevin 781-505-4917

Sergeant McLean,   David H.  781-505-4944

Sergeant  Leary,   Matthew 781-238-4636

Patrol Officer Abaskharoun,   Peter 781-505-4970

Patrol Officer Aloisi,   Robert Jr. 781-505-4905

Patrol Officer Costa,   Sage 781-238-5613

Patrol Officer Costa,   Vito 781-505-4981

Patrol Officer Creamer,   Matthew 781-505-4918

Patrol Officer Daniels, Ashley

Patrol Officer DiDonato,   Christopher 781-505-4914

Patrol Officer Ferguson,   Charles 781-505-4929

Patrol Officer Gandevia, Rameez

Patrol Officer Gough, Gregory

Patrol Officer Griffin,Ryan 781-505-4964

Patrol Officer Grossi,   Domenic 781-238-5638

Patrol Officer Hanafin, Brian

Patrol Officer Hanafin,   James 781-505-4914

Patrol Officer Hanafin,   Richard 781-505-4935

Patrol Officer Houston,   Dan 781-505-4936

Patrol Officer LaPrad, Lindsay

Patrol Officer Lyons, Patrick

Patrol Officer Lynch,   John 781-505-4963

Patrol Officer Mackey,   Ed 781-505-4941

Patrol Officer McLean,   David M. 781-505-4939

Patrol Officer Minichiello,   Michael 781-505-4967

Patrol Officer Outerbridge,   David 781-238-5615

Patrol Officer Papagno,   Steve 781-505-4946

K-9 Officer Papsedero,   Joseph 781-505-4947

Patrol Officer Reyes,   Roberto 781-505-4976

Patrol Officer Reynolds,   Lyn 781-505-4958

Patrol Officer Saledas, Nikolas
Patrol Officer Sawyer,   Harry 781-505-4961

IT Officer Soda,   William  781-505-4903

Patrol Officer Thomson,Shane 781-505-4917

Patrol Officer Tsingos,   Spiros 781-505-4974

Traffic Unit



McDonough, Gerry 781-505-4968
Traffic Officer Trelegan, William 781-505-4980

Safety Officer Schipelliti,   Bernie 781-505-4937