VHS to Digital Convertor

The library now has a VHS to digital convertor! Located on the second floor of the library.

The VHS to Digital Convertor allows you to digitize your home video cassette tapes.

Digital Conversion 8.5 x 11Is there a fee or waiting list to use the digital convertor?
There is no charge and no waiting list to use the digital convertor, it is on a first come basis. Feel free to call ahead to see if the device is in use.

What kinds of video tapes can I convert?
We are currently set up to work only with standard VHS tapes and smaller VHS-C tapes (if the patron has the appropriate adapter tape). 

What type of file is the video converted into?
The videos are converted into a MP4 file (it is the only available option). 

How long does converting take?
The conversion is a 1 to 1 process. If the tape is 1 hour long it will take 1 hour to be converted. 

What do I need to bring in?
In addition to your VHS tapes, you will need to have your own USB stick or external hard drive to save your files onto. Please be aware of storage space as well, a 2 hour tape is about 2GBs. 

What software can I play my converted videos on?
The converted video files are playable on iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Realplayer, VLC and any software that is compatible with MP4 files. The files can be easily uploaded to YouTube as well.

Can I edit my videos?
The video files can be edited in a separate application such as iMovie (Mac), Windows Live Movie Maker or Video Editor (Windows), or an equivalent editing software. 

Can I burn my converted videos onto a DVD?
Yes. Burning onto a DVD is a secondary option that does not need to be done immediately. It can be done at any time or not at all, it is up to you. 

What type of DVD disc do I need to burn onto?
A blank DVD-R disc is recommended for burning. 

How do I burn my videos onto a DVD?
With our current burning method, the MP4 files are not always readable on some (mostly older) DVD players. More recent DVD players and Blu-ray players are more likely able to read the disc and play the video with no issues. 

We’re currently exploring various DVD burning software that is quick, easy to use and able to burn DVDs that are playable on all devices.