Past Programs


1/17/19  Albert Einstein: Reluctant Superstar with George Capaccio 


1/18/18  Outsmart Stress! with Dr. Kandyce Mutter [Friends' Annual Meeting]
 2/15/18  Chocolate: the Secret Indulgence with Mike Cross
3/15/18 Mind to Mind with Preston Heller
 4/19/18  An Evening with Tony Funches, former lead singer of the Platters
5/17/18 Spring Cleaning: The Feng Shui Approach with Julie Pelletier-Rutkow
 6/21/18  I Can't Die But Once: Harriet Tubman's Civil War with Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti
9/20/18 Jazzin' the Blues with Paul Speidel
10/18/18 Fake News with Kyle Moody
11/15/18 New England Pie with Robert Cox   CANCELLED
12/6/18 Pet First Aid with Dr. Kathleen Hanson



1/23/17   "Rise of the Rocket Girls" author Nathalia Holt [Friends' Annual Meeting]
 2/16/17  An Evening with Tony Funches, Former Lead Singer of The Platters
3/16/17 Basic Wilderness Survival with Matthew Gabriel
4/20/17 Backyard Chickens 101 with Khrysti "The Chickeness" Smyth
5/18/17 A Sample of New England Craft Beer with Michael Wick
6/15/17  Intro to Kayaking with L.L. Bean
9/21/17  Troubadours & Troublemakers with Kevin Comtois
10/19/17  Easy Greek Cooking with Irene Apostolou Cobb
11/16/17 Holiday Wreath Decorating with Shannon Guthrie
11/21/17 Film showing of the movie Stronger


1/21/16   "W.C. Fields and Mae West" with the Delvena Theatre Co. [Friends' Annual Meeting]
2/18/16 "Romantic Outlaws" with author Charlotte Gordon
3/17/16 Irish Music and Dance with Miss Louise' 'Celtic Steppers' and Aaron Clark
 4/9/16  "Memoir Writing: Share that Story of yours", with Melissa Juchniewicz
4/21/16 "The Robots are Coming!" with Richard Mullen
5/19/16 "From Temple to Court to Stage: a Reading and Demonstration of Kathak Dance", with Anjali Mitter Duva, author of "Faint Promise of Rain."
6/16/16 "Garden to Table" - a cooking demonstration with Nancy Hogan
9/15/16 "CSI: Fact or Fiction" with Mike Cross
10/20/16 "Did You Sleep Well Last Night?" with John Murray
11/18/16 "Songs and Stories of WWII" with Ramblin' Richard Kruppa
12/15/16 Holiday Dessert Tasting & Recipe Swap


1/5/15   Annual Meeting:  "Laugh Yourself Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" with Richard Mullen.
1/15/15 Tricksters and the Marketing of Breakfast Cereal, with Tom Greene.
2/19/15 "Slave Songs to Hip-Hop" with Kevin Comtois
3/19/15 Depression Era Recipes, with Chef Ellie Deaner
4/16/15 "Scams and Frauds" with Amy Schram of the Better Business Bureau
5/21/15 "Jet Setting 101: Travel the World on a Budget" with Marcy Yeager
6/18/15 The Kitchen Garden: Herbs and their uses, with Denise Galligan
7/23/15 Zentangle Basics, with Emily Classon
9/17/15 "Meet Julia Child" with the Delvena Theatre Company
10/15/15 "The Starry Messenger: an Evening with Galileo", with Michael T. Francis11/19/
11/19/15 "Boring to Beautiful" Room Makeover with Margaret Innis


1/6/14   Annual Meeting:  "Killer Stuff & Tons of Money" with Maureen Stanton
 1/16/14  "Stealing Rembrandts" with Anthony Amore
2/20/14 "Basic Pet Care" with Dr. Kathleen Hanson
3/20/14 "Storm of Angels: Spring Songbird Migration" with Brooks Mathewson
4/17/14 An Evening of Poetry with Millie Nash and other Burlington poets
5/15/14 Ragtime Piano with Deborrah Wyndham
6/19/14 Life on and off the court with JoJo White
8/21/14 "Zentangle Basics" with Emily Classon
9/18/14 "Who's Tracking You On-line?" with Greg Page
10/16/14 "Why are Vampires Sexy?" with Professor Tom Greene
11/20/14 "Feasting on Leftovers" with  Chef Liz Barbour


 1/7/13  Annual Meeting:  Chocolate Tasting with Jane McIninch
 1/17/13  Terrorism and the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, with William A. Gavin
 2/21/13  "Coyotes in the Suburbs" with Jonathan Way
2/28/13 "Wartime Swing" with Sinti Rhythm (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
3/6/13 Chinese Calligraphy Demo & Workshop with Wen-hao Tien (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
3/7/13 "A Taste of Asia" with Max Gow (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
3/12/13 Origami Class with Gustavo Garcia (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
3/14/13 "Japanese Tea Ceremony" with Kyoko Wada (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
3/21/13 "Chinese Culinary Heritage: Secret to a Better Lifestyle" with Jim Becker of Boston Food Tours (a Burlington Reads 2013 event)
4/18/13 "Backyard Beekeeping" with Nate Matsubara of Burlington's Lazy Bee Honey Ranch
5/16/13 Low Maintenance Affordable Landscapes & Gardens, with Paul Split
6/20/13 "A Trip Back in Time: a 1908 Tea" with Rita Parisi
8/15/13 "Monet's Mirror": Pastel Painting workshop with Greg Maichack
9/19/13 Basic Car Maintenance, with John Paul, the AAA 'Car Doctor;
9/29/13 "Always in Love" - an afternoon of beautiful music with Deborah and Emilio Moscoso10
10/17/13 "Massachusetts Book of the Dead" with Roxie Zwicker
11/21/13 "Age Well Be Well" with Paula Koppel



 1/9/12  Annual Meeting: "Magic of the Mind" with Jack Ryan
 1/19/12  An Evening of Traditional Chinese Culture, with Shen Yun Performing Arts
 2/16/12  "Kilimanjaro: Journey to the Roof of Africa" with Peter Christoph
 3/15/12  Deborah Swiss, author of "The Tin Ticket"
 4/19/12  Musical Stylings of Roberto Cassan and John Muratore (Accordion and Guitar)
 5/17/12  "What's My Antique Worth?" with Ron Wackowski
 6/21/12  "Spring Cleaning: the Feng Shui Approach" with Julie Rutkowski
 7/19/12  Christmas in July Make 'n Take Crafts -- Library staff
 9/20/12  Author Hank Philippi Ryan" "Mixing Fact and Fiction"
 10/18/12  "Welcome to the Graveyard" with the Gravestone Girls
 11/15/12  Glass Harmonica Concert with Vera Meyer
 12/20/12  Holiday Dessert Tasting and Recipe Swap



 1/10/11  Annual Meeting: Astology Workshop with Sally Cragin
 1/27/11  Haim Levkowitz:  "Protecting Your Personal Information On-line"
 2/17/11  Dr. D.J.'s Hollywood Quiz Show, with Tadd Travis
 3/17/11  Music of the Gaslight Era with John Root
 4/21/11  "Forensic Science Roadshow" with Paul Zambella
 5/19/11  "Stuff: Our Attachment to Possessins" with Dave Downs
 6/16/11  "A Visit With Isabella Stewart Gardner" with Jessa Piaia
 8/18/11  "Art of Georgia O'Keeffe" with Greg Maichack
 9/15/11  Boston Accent Quartet -- a capella music
 10/20/11  Indian Classical Music, with faculty and students of Learnquest Acadamy
 11/15/11  "Healing Power of Meditation" with Dr. Matthew Raider
 12/15/11  Holiday Dessert Tasting and Recipe Swap