Great Decisions/ Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs  Fall  2019

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This is an eight-part discussion series  led by Dr. Craig Brandt, a retired naval officer and experienced discussion leader.  Dr. Brandt has been a professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology and Dean of Academic Affairs at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management.  

Discussions take place on Thursdays from 10:30am- 12pm beginning September 19 in the Library's meeting area.  The October 31 discussion, however, will meet instead at Burlington Town Hall in the Main Hearing Room on the second floor.

Click here to register.  Registering for one session registers the participant for all sessions.  Those who register with an email will receive background readings by email.  If you have no computer, a copy of the reading will be available at the front desk in the library for reading or photocopying.  If you have any questions or need help to register call Marnie Smith at (781) 505-4985.

Fall Discussion Topics
1. The Post-Brexit Future.   Readings   More Readings 
2. Relations between Hong Kong and China    Readings
3. Is the U.S on the Path to Create Peace in the Middle East?  Readings
4. Allies and Adversaries: Alternatives to U.S. Leadership.  Readings
5. Managing Trade with China.  Readings
6. India’s New Status for Kashmir: An Improvement in South Asian Affairs?  Readings
7. U.S. Foreign Aid: Who Does It Benefit and at What Cost?  Readings  Readings
8. The Northern Triangle of Central America: What Can the U.S. Do to Improve Conditions in These Countries?  Readings