Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library open?
No, the library is currently closed to public for the indefinite future.

What about my library materials?
Don't worry, we know that it's not easy to get to the library--and we want you to stay safe at home and practice social distancing as much as possible. We are pushing out due dates, expiration dates for your holds, and expiration dates for library cards so that your account will not be impacted while we are closed.

Can I return my library materials now?
While our book drops are open, we ask that you don't return materials unless you absolutely have to--it all goes back to us wanting you to stay safe at home and practicing social distancing as much as possible.

Can I speak to a librarian?
While we are checking voicemail periodically, it's easiest if you email a librarian. Our Reference (, Young Adult ( Children's (, and Administrative ( departments are all available by email.

We miss the library, when will it reopen?
Believe us, patrons are the greatest part of being a librarian and we miss you too! We don't have a date for reopening yet but expect an email as soon as we have one available.