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Summer Events 

Mad Hatter Tea Party: Thursday, August 17 @ 4pm (Grades 3-6)
This is not a little kid tea party. We’ll be making crazy Alice in Wonderland crafts and having our own Mad Hatter style party with Alice inspired treats.

Puppet Show: Thursday, August 17 @ 6pm(All Ages)
Pumpernickel Puppets will put on a show for us.

Camp Half-Blood: Friday, August 18 @ 3:30pm(Grades 4 & Up)
If you love Percy Jackson come and experience some of the demigod activities they do at Camp Half-Blood. 

Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Monday, August 21 @ 11am
All ages welcome. Popcorn provided, but please bring your own drink and lunch (No Nuts). 

Meet Minnie Mouse:
 Tuesday, August 22 @ 11am
(All Ages) Meet the delightful Minnie Mouse and do some Disney inspired crafts.
Music & Movement: Wednesday, August 23 @ 11am
(Toddlers and Preschoolers) Dance and jump with Miss Amanda and some cool tunes!
Junk Castle Making: Wednesday, August 23 @ 2pm 
(All Ages) Lets make fantasy castles out of everyday
materials. We will provide the junk you provide the
House Cup Party:Thursday, August 24 @ 6pm 
(Grades 1 - 12) Only for students who participated in the House Cup Challenge. Tonight is the night we unveil which Hogwarts House won this summers House Cup Challenge. Miss Amanda and Miss Nicole will decorate the Meeting Room the colors of the winning house and present winners with the House Cup. Harry Potter food and activities will be available during this event for all students attending. 
Summer Reading Finale -The Magic of Oz: Friday, August 25 @ 11am 
(All Ages) Celebrating the classic book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Tom Foolery & Susie Magoozy have put together some artful magic and storytelling to pay tribute the Merry Old Land of Oz! They invite you along on their for all Oz enthusiasts young and old!

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