Book Bundles

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Due to COVID-19, Book Bundles are currently suspended. If you would like us to pull some books for you for curbside pick up give Reference a call at 781-270-1691 for adult materials or 781-270-1692 for children's and young adult items.

Welcome to Burlington Public Library's Book Bundles! Book Bundles is our new personalized reader's advisory or book recommendations service. It's like a subscription box, but free!

Book Bundles are 1 to 3 books (or recommendations) that have been personally selected for you by a librarian. Book Bundles can be received monthly or bi-monthly.

Book Bundles are available dressed up (more like a subscription box with decorative wrapping), dressed down (just the books for you) or as an emailed list of recommendations, (this is a great option if you prefer e-books or e-audios). Included in your book bundle there will be a feedback form to let us know how we did and to offer suggestions of how we can make your next book bundle even better.

Book Bundles are available for three age groups: adults, teens, and kids (grades 3-5). Are you an adult who loves YA? Don’t worry – you can sign up for the teen group if you prefer.

To begin fill out one of our forms:                             Adult            Teen                Kids

Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll begin selecting books for you. We will send you an email confirming the month of your first Book Bundle.

Book Bundles are available for the first Monday of every month. They are held for one week. A reminder email will be sent out that your Book Bundle is available for pickup.

Please note: Book Bundle books and the bag will be checked out to your card directly and by signing up for this service, you are giving Burlington Public Library permission to do so. (Unless selecting the list of suggestions only).

If you have questions or would like to make changes to your subscription please contact us at