Adult Summer Reading 2018

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Adult Summer Reading 2018
June 1 to August 31
Summer Reading Isn't Just For Kids!
Want to participate? Here's how.

Fill out a form for each book you read between June 1 and August 31 and automatically earn chances to win a monthly drawing for prizes!  Simply write the title of the book and earn 1 chance to win. Write the title plus a short review to earn 5 chances.  Record your title and review online or fill out a paper form and drop it in the raffle box in the library.  

Participating online is easy, simply create an account by visiting this link. After creating an account, enter the book title.  If you want to write a review, check the box next to " add a review".  Writing a review of at least 3 sentences or more, earns 5 chances to to win a raffle prize.   Online participates are also able to view the reviews written by others. 

Another way to earn chances to win the monthly drawing is to download a Book Bingo Card  or pick one up at the library.  Complete a bingo row down, across, or diagonally by reading the type of book described.  A “bingo” earns 20 chances to win the monthly drawing.   Book Bingo Cards must be submitted to the front desk no later than August 31, 2018.

August’s prize is “Picture yourself having fun in Burlington” a collection of 4 gift cards from fun places in Burlington!