Library Volunteers

The Burlington Public Library has a small number of ongoing volunteer positions. Contact the Assistant Director, Marnie Smith, at 781 505-4985 or to find out if a volunteer position is open. 

Volunteers are valued by the library as an important support for paid staff and as a demonstration that residents appreciate the positive impact of the library on the quality of life in Burlington. Volunteers are trained for routine, recurring tasks and/or occasional special events. Volunteers do not replace paid staff, particularly members of the Burlington Municipal Employees Association.

Adult Volunteers are the responsibility of the Assistant Director, who may assign individual volunteers to specific staff or staff areas for training and tasks.

Teen Volunteers are the responsibility of Youth Services staff, and are particularly valued in the summer months to assist with summer reading programs for children.

Adult volunteers must fill out a volunteer application form and arrange for an interview with the Assistant Director.

A written description of the volunteer program will be provided at that time.

Volunteers age 18 or older must have a successful Massachusetts CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check, done by the Town of Burlington. Paperwork to initiate that can be filled out at the time of the interview. Specifics of an applicant's criminal record will be treated confidentially.

Volunteers in grades 7-12 are considered Teen Volunteers and serve through the Young Adult volunteer program.