Burlington Public Library Mission Statement

The Burlington Public Library is a vital resource for books, materials, and services for information, enlightenment and recreation of all members of the community. The mission of the Burlington Public Library is to provide a safe and inviting place where residents can interact with each other; find information about their community and its offerings; learn to appreciate their culture as well as that of others; investigate a wide range of topics pertaining to their work, school and personal lives; and develop a love of reading and learning that will continue throughout their lives.

Policies of the Burlington Public Library as adopted by the Board of Library Trustees

Board of Trustees Meeting By-laws

Cell Phone Policy

Child Safety Policy

Circulation Policy

Collection Development Policy

Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

Decertified Libraries Policy

Display, Bulletin Boards and Exhibits Policy

Emergency Closing Policy

In-house Laptop Loan Policy

Internet Use Policy

Local History Collection Development Policy

Meeting Room Policy

Museum Pass Policy

Patron Behavior Policy

Patron Privacy Policy

Photography, Videotaping, and Recording Policy

Safety Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Development Policy

Volunteer Policy