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 In the Gallery:

The Gallery is currently available:  would YOU like to exhibit there?  

  In the Lobby Cases in January, 2015

In the Entry Lobby:  SLIDE RULES
from the collection of a local member of the International Slide Rule Group.
Slide rules are mechanical calculating instruments that were used for many types of mathematical calculations from 1630 until the 1970's.  The arrival of the calculator virtually ended the reign of the slide rule.  The International Slide Rule Group ("ISRG") is devoted to collectors of slide rules and other calculating instruments.  You are invited to join!

In the Exit Lobby: GARDENING TOOLS
lent by Peter Coppola, in support of a January 22 discussion of
"Closing the Food Gap", by Mark Winne

The Trustees of the Burlington Public Library welcome artists to exhibit work in the Library at 22 Sears Street. A spacious, well-lit area on the first floor has been designated "The Gallery" and amateur and professional artists of all ages are invited to participate in solo and group juried shows. Each artist is generally assigned a month to exhibit work.

The Library also has glass-fronted locking display cases in the entry and exit lobbies at the front of the building. They are ideal for displaying three-dimensional objects, but can also be used to display posters, photographs, or papers that are mounted on a firm backing.

If you would like to exhibit your work in either The Gallery or the Glass Cases, click here for an application form or pick one up at the Library. Click here for display space procedures and specifications.

Click here for a list of past exhibits