Shift Roster


Group One

Captain Robert Paul

Lieutenant Micheal Bibbey

Lieutenant James Browne

Firefighter Jim Sherman

Firefighter Mike Runyan

Firefighter Tim Hovasse

Firefighter Mike Gledhill

Firefighter Mike McLaughlin

Firefighter Eric Holey

Firefighter Tom MacLeod

Firefighter Paul O'Meara

Firefighter Eric Fitzgerald

Firefighter Michael Morgan

Firefighter Joshua Carabello

Group Two

Captain Tim Browne

Lieutenant   Jim Sorenson

Lieutenant Kevin Pollicelli

Firefighter Fred Williams

Firefighter Mike Fontannay

Firefighter Jim Hapenney

Firefighter Shaun Kenney

Firefighter Ernie Covino

Firefighter Bill Toland

Firefighter Raymond Blenkhorn 

Firefighter Michael Bennett

Firefighter Thomas Monagle

Firefighter Jesse Riberio

Firefighter Stephen White

Ringing of the Bell at 911 Ceremony September 2013
Bell at 911 Ceremony


Group Three

Captain Andy Connerty

Lieutenant Peter McAnespie

Lieutenant Todd Ficociello

Firefighter Gerry Hanafin

Firefighter Rich Hovasse

Firefighter Kurt Duprez

Firefighter Nick Menkello

Firefighter Brendan Micciche

Firefighter Paul Kadilak

Firefighter Craig Callahan

Firefighter Tyler Falconer

Firefighter Preston Angelucci

Firefighter Connor Grenier

Firefighter Justin Kane


Group Four 

Captain Kevin Browne

Lieutenant John Skinner

Lieutenant Jack Walthall

Firefighter Edgar McLean

Firefighter John Hanafin

Firefighter Cliff Comeau

Firefighter Sean Connors

Firefighter Dave Angelo

Firefighter Jeff Boucher

Firefighter Jason Hughes

Firefighter Sean Killilea

Firefighter Brandon Gonzalez

Firefighter Alex Preece

Firefighter David Rosenberger