Building Department
Burlington Town Hall Annex, 25 Center ST
Phone (781)270-1615    NEW  FAX (781)238-4667

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The Building Department is responsible for the review, inspection and permitting of new construction and/or alterations to any structures within the Town. 

Effective Immediately (6/18/2013)

All applications for a building permit are required to be submitted in complete form including the following information:

• Building Permit application filled out completely including contractor information (license/insurance information, etc.). All questions are required to be answered.

• Three (3) sets of construction drawings. Buildings/Structures over 35,000 cubic feet are required to have original stamp and signature, along with affidavits filled out completely.

• Plot/Site Plan showing location of proposed new building and/or addition.

• Projects (other that single family dwelling) are required to have Planning Board approval (Site Plan/Special Permit approval). They also have the authority to issue fines on persons or properties violating the Town’s General By-Laws, Zoning By-Laws and Building Code Regulations.

If you are planning any construction projects, please plan a minimum of two (2) weeks for completion of your application; plan review and issuance of the building permit for most construction jobs.

We do ask you submit your complaints in writing.  


Town Hall Annex
25 Center Street
Burlington,  MA   01803

Office Hours:
Friday 8:30am-1:00pm 

Andrew Ungerson
Inspector of Buildings

John Luther
Senior Building Inspector

Michael Kenney
Local Building Inspector

Glenn Paparo
Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Jim McDonough
Inspector of Wires

Judy Sorensen

Erin Killilea