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The Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps (MRC) was established in 2006. The Mission of the Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps (MRC) is to assist and support the Board of Health in public health initiatives and in declared and undeclared public health emergencies.

The Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps (MRC) was formed to promote public health and safety in the Town of Burlington in the following areas:

  1. Public health emergencies (events that threaten public health such as disease outbreak or toxic chemical release)
  2. Mass casualty incidents (disasters that cause injury or threats to large numbers of people, such as an event that causes displacement of large numbers of people)
  3. Community service activities (opportunities that foster the well-being of the residents of Burlington such as assisting at health fairs and providing training programs for personal safety in the event of a mass casualty or disease outbreak)

All volunteers are welcome, no matter what your background. Every volunteer is needed and will have an important job.


The Board of Health is seeking volunteers to assist us in Emergency Situations: for example, when we have to dispense vaccines/antibiotics to the general population in the case of a flu pandemic or a bioterrorist event or when we have to assist the medical or sheltering needs of the community in times of natural emergencies like hurricanes or large-scale power failures.

We will need:

  1. Medical personnel: doctors, nurses, nurse practioners, physician's assistants, pharmacists, medical technicians, social workers, therapists, chaplains, counselors, etc.
  1. Non-medical personnel : clerical, patient flow, computer specialists, logistics, communications specialists, site management, food workers, inventory management, greeters, registrars, mobilization and de-mobilization, other tasks as needed.
  1. Child care: for our other volunteer

What you can expect from being a member of the Burlington Medical Reserve Corp:

  1. Free training as you learn emergency management and disaster operations
  1. Skills development to ensure that you will be ready to pitch in when a public health crisis occurs
  1. Delivery of medical care commensurate with your background, skills, and expertise, as required by the incident
  1. Networking with other Burlington residents and volunteers as part of a critically important and specialized team
  1. Options to participate in initiatives that enhance public health such as vaccination and education programs
  1. The ability to serve the emergency public health needs of family, friends, neighbors and loved ones in your own community
  1. If any vaccines/antibiotics need to be dispensed, volunteers and their families will be given first priority, if available and allowed by law. In times of severe emergencies, State and Federal Guidelines may direct how vaccines will be distributed
  1. Opportunity to Partner with other MRC’s including Region 4A MRC.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Board of Health office for further information at 781-270-1957.  If you would like to become a volunteer, click here to print out the application.  Also, please register on MA Responds website (link below).

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