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Location (see below list for addresses)

MRC-101 Wednesday, March 22

6pm Town Hall Annex B
Training Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 23 6pm Town Hall Annex A
BVRC Quarterly Meeting Wednesday, March 29

5:30pm Murray/Kelly Room
BVRC Public Outreach & Education Committee Meeting Wednesday, April 5 5pm Town Hall Annex A
BVRC Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 5 6pm Town Hall Annex A
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Saturday, April 29 8:30am Francis Wyman School
ICS-100 Tuesday, May 16 or Thursday, May 18 5:30pm Town Hall Annex B

Town Hall Annex Building, basement meeting room, 25 Center St. Annex A (small), Annex B (large)

Town Hall Main Hearing Room, 29 Center Street, 2nd floor

Murray/Kelly Room, Council on Aging, 61 Center Street

Burlington Public Library, 22 Sears Street

*GF Conference Room - Grandview Farm large conference room, 55 Center Str., 2nd floor.

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