Burlington Board of Health
Human Services Building,  61 Center Street - Phone (781) 270-1955

boh-web   Board Members:
 Dr. Ed Weiner, PhD, Chairman (f-r)
 David McSweeney,  Vice Chairman (f-l)
 Wayne Saltsman, MD, PhD (back row l-r)
 Maribeth Welch
 Elizabeth Walendziewicz

 Board of Health Staff:
 Susan Lumenello, REHS/RS, CHMM, Director
 Marlene Johnson, RS, CPO, Health Agent
 Christine Mathis, Environmental Engineer
 Chris Paulik, Supervising Nurse
 Samantha Hardy, Associate Health Inspector
 Sarah Courtemanche, Administrative Assistant
 Cathy Piccolo, Administrative Assistant

The mission of the Burlington Board of Health is to protect, promote, and prepare for all public health issues or potential crises that occur within the community. The Board of Health enforces state-mandated and local public health regulations, conducts inspections as mandated, issues town permits, investigates community-based complaints or concerns, and supports the goals of public health by providing education and community programs. 

Phone:  781-270-1955
Fax:  781-273-7687